Aerial Photos of Sea Kayaking On Georgian Bay North Shore Near Killarney Ontario Canada

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The north shore of Goergian Bay near Killarney Ontario, Canada is one of my favorite places in the world – and also one of the world’s best sea kayaking destinations.

These aerial photos of sea kayaking on Georgian Bay are from an August family backcountry kayaking trip along the shore of Philip Edward Island to the Fox Islands with two tandem kayaks.

All images from this session are available for royalty free licensing at Stocksy United. 

We rented our fiberglass tandem sea kayaks from Killarney Outfitters. – dropped off right at the put-in at Chikanishing Creek in Killarney Provincial Park. These are not recreational poly kayaks – the weather on Georgian Bay can be severe and for a trip like this you need a pro-level boat.

Since it’s a long drive to Killarney we spent the first night at a campsite at the George Lake Campground. The jumping rocks at George Lake are great for swimming – and the view is second to none, but the campsite is a little crowded in summer – so much so that you now have to reserve your site as soon as the Ontario Parks website will let you – or there won’t be anything available.

Even then, you might not get a site through the summer months as many scam the booking system by booking blocks of days to get the site they want and then cancelling the reserved days they don’t want later.

Once out on the bay, most of the islands are crown land – so you can camp wherever you want – although in practice there are limited locations that actually make good campsites.

The scenery here is amazing – exposed pink granite shaped by glaciers, classic windswept pines and clear, clean freshwater. It’s like paddling through a Group of Seven painting – so much so that I never really understood why artist’s like A.Y. Jackson, Lawren Harris and A.J. Casson painted the way they did until I kayaked here.



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