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Winter Kayaking on Georgian Bay Ontario Canada

Georgian Bay rarely freezes over completely. It’s a big wide open body of water, and there is usually too much wind and waves for the lake to freeze. This provides for some very interesting phototography opportunities!

Paddling close to shore in a kayak in the early evening twilight among the large blocks of ice floating in the lake makes for a very dramatic and extreme looking adventure. It was a very careful paddle, most of the blocks of ice were floating and could be moved out of the way, but occasionally there was one that was stuck on the bottom, which presented a challenge.

Thin swirling surface ice as spring thaw melts lake
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Macro Ice Crystal Designs on a Frozen Stream in Winter

My son and I were hiking up at our family cottage on Georgian Bay and we came across a frozen stream that had some really interesting frozen patterns in the ice.

There were areas of intricate ice crystals and areas with really ice texture swirl patterns and ice bubble textures. We stopped for a while to take a closer look at the ice crystal designs in the frozen stream – and of course capture a few macro ice crystal photos.

Beautiful otherworldly landscape of blue frozen ice on surface of lake
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Close Up Photos of Ice Crystals on a Frozen Lake in Winter

Up close photos of ice crystals and macro snowflake photography are always interesting to capture and take a look at the natural world that we don’t normally see.

This series of close-up photos of ice crystals was taken along the shore of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. I especially like this series because the macro ice crystals have a distinct crystalline formation that looks a lot like an aerial photo of a mountain range.

Family Spring Red Canoe Trip Backcountry Wilderness Paddling Sno
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April in the Algonquin Backcountry – Early Spring Family Canoe Trip

After a long winter, as soon as the ice melts we’re always eager to get into the canoe and paddle the Algonquin backcountry.

This winter wasn’t notably harsh in the Algonquin Provincial Park area, but winter held on for a long time. By the end of April there was  two feet of snow and the lakes were still frozen solid.

Hoping for a quick thaw, we decided to tie the red canoe to the car and head up north anyway – hoping to find some open water (and if not, snowshoe and hike cross country anyway)…


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JP Danko is an active lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada. JP can change a lens mid-rappel, swap a memory card while treading water, or use a camel as a light stand.


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