Underwater Model Photography in Lake Ontario Spencer Smith Park Burlington

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This underwater photography model session was photographed just off the seawall at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, just down the road from Toronto, Canada.

The concept was to photograph a couple underwater interacting together, as well as each individual model with a sensual, dreamy feeling to the finished underwater model photos.

All images from this session are available for royalty free licensing at Stocksy United. 

Underwater models who can pose and look natural are quite hard to find – underwater modeling is much more difficult than it looks. I was really happy with the poise and grace that models Eva Mok and Vlad Toma brought to this session.

The water is about six to eight feet deep at the wall and then gradually drops off. The bottom is a mix of large rocks covered with marine growth and course sand.

It was a bright sunny day with a little bit of chop on the lake – but not enough to really stir up much silt.

I was using an Ikelite underwater camera housing with an 8″ domed port and 16mm Nikon fisheye lens along with a Magic Filter to help balance the murky green Lake Ontario water and provide the most realistic skin tones possible in the situation.

For more information about this underwater photography session in Lake Ontario, please see the article Underwater Photography in Murky Water – Tips and Tricks published at DIYphotography.net.

Man and woman together diving exploring blue green shallow waters of Lake Ontario
Behind the scenes: Lake Ontario in front of Spencer Smith Park, Burlington, Ontario, Canada



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