Winter Kayaking on Georgian Bay Ontario Canada

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Georgian Bay rarely freezes over completely. It’s a big wide open body of water, and there is usually too much wind and waves for the lake to freeze. This provides for some very interesting phototography opportunities!

Paddling close to shore in a kayak in the early evening twilight among the large blocks of ice floating in the lake makes for a very dramatic and extreme looking adventure. It was a very careful paddle, most of the blocks of ice were floating and could be moved out of the way, but occasionally there was one that was stuck on the bottom, which presented a challenge.

This series of photos was captured with a Nikon D800 and Sigma ART 50mm f/1.4, along with a polarizing filter.

Images from this session are available for royalty free licensing at Stocksy United. 



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JP Danko


JP Danko is an active lifestyle photographer based in Toronto, Canada. JP can change a lens mid-rappel, swap a memory card while treading water, or use a camel as a light stand.


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